Psorolin Ointment

Psoriasis & Scaling, Fungal infections, Tinea Versicolor, hyperkeratosis, Fissure foot as well as other dry skin issues.

Composition: Oil extracts of the following.. Wrightia tinctoria (Swetha kutaja): 100 mg Cynadon dactylon (Duoorva): 25 mg Presented in Petroleum jelly base.

For easier application you may warm the ointment in a container of hot water. You may also add some 777 oil or psoria oil to it AFTER softening, mix until smooth and creamy, and it will stay softer for easier application as well as making the ointment stronger of the active ingredient. This works great for stubborn areas that dont respond well to the ointment alone. Please note that it is possible to melt the ointment into a liquid if left in the hot water long enough. If you do this it will mix with the oil much easier and then you will not need to mix it as much. Just be careful while melting the ointment as the container may melt if the water is too hot. You might wish to use a shallow container so that you can have the lid off while melting the ointment. This way you wont get any water into the ointment.

I have been getting many emails telling me about the great results that they are seeing from this ointment as well as other products here at Nutrition4skin. Soon i hope to add a program where everyone will be able to post those comments right here on the product page to help others in making their decisions on what to try. Please do contact me if you have any questions and also please see the forums, where there is usually someone on there during the daytime hours and sometimes in the evening as well. You may leave a message for me in my email or you may send me a PM through the forums. I will reply just as soon as i see it.

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